Remodel commanders



Want to join the team?

What It Takes

What standard does the Team of Remodel Commander hold? The Remodel Commander team only has A-players obsessed with our clients and serving their needs. Rock Stars only who leave it all on the field in the name of client success.


Our team is violently allergic to mediocrity from each other or in service to our clients. 

Our team is:

Our Culture

What makes Remodel Commander culture so special? 

Elementary my dear Watson….We all share the same core values and and expect each other to do whatever it takes to maximize client results.

 As a single unit, our mission is to:

 Not to build and run your company for you, but teach you how to command high margins, high profits, high talent recruiting & retention and own your schedule for yourself. 

 To share every single strategy, tactic, technique or process we discover.

 And despite the fact that we hide nothing from our Remodel Commanders, every client stays with us because they can’t wait to experience what we uncover next.

What We Believe

We teach remodel company owners step-by-step how to transform their average organizations with average profits and average teams requiring a crazy amount of time/energy/focus/cash to run into a more profitable machine of processes with tested best practices for client acquisition, project management and talent retention 


Then, we continue to test new strategies, tactics, techniques, and processes to increase profitability all while providing best in industry support.

We believe that showing you how to create a best in market profits, sales, recruiting, client experience, referrals and talent retention  instead of doing it for you creates a long-lasting partnership that is good for all of us.

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