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The Founder

Lane Boland’s first contractor was not profitable. In fact it was a burning dumpster fire of cash. His response to the cash crunch was to sell more and more. Instead of addressing his issues with estimating & project management; he built 3 more shops. Each doing 1-2 million with the same profitability issues never being able to complete jobs as estimated. So he sold them to his employees.


Over the following 2 years while in retirement in Puerto Rico, he obsessed over perfection. He studied the big boys with huge margins to uncover their secrets. He then tested and rolled out what worked inside his first client’s company: CQC Home.


A breakthrough happened. In 6 months, revenue increased from 8 to 11 million in annual sales, gross profit rose from 27.6% to over 37%. And net take home profit exploded over 8x…..from 2-17%

This is when Remodel Commanders was born.

So after being named Pro Remodeler 40 Under 40 for 2023, Lane Boland left his role as the Chief Operating Officer of CQC Home in June 2023 and is now Managing Director of Remodel Commanders.

How Remodel Commander Works

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Speak with one of our Remodel Strategists about your needs and explore how Remodel Commander can help you solve them

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Between our massive library of actionable tactics, techniques & processes combined with our industry leading strategists who have actually been in the trenches–learn how to grow margins, expand your team and explode your top & bottom lines while taking back your time.

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You have the strategy. You have the tools. You have the examples to follow proving you will be successful. Now go seize your dream business!

EXCLUSIVE ReModel Commander

Join our community of successful remodelers all doing at least 3 million holding a minimum 40% gross and 10% net margin in our closed Facebook group, where everyone goes out of their way to share resources and ideas. No trade secrets held by the Old School in here….we’ve already rendered them obsolete….

Stay connected with our founder, Lane, who meets with you by live stream every week to discuss new ideas, report on interesting experiments to expand margins/work-force/revenue  and answer important questions.

Meet directly with your dedicated Success Advisor to get answers to any questions you have regarding your tailored-to-you program or technical issues inside the Remodel Commander HQ.

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